After I made a post about my business card fighter prototypes I got linked to from a couple of war gaming sites. Then something really cool happened….

Ken Van Pelt is an art teacher and wargamer. He saw my prototypes and not only came up with his own version but also a quick set of rules. A plane and the game rules fit on a single 5×3 index card. He then had his students colour, cut and fold planes before playing a game.

Here are some pictures of Ken’s creations.

Ken's index card fighter - notice the game rules appear on the same card.

Blank cards allowed the students to make their own livery.

A game in progress

This was not Ken’s first foray into cheap wargaming. Here are some WW1 fighters he made from wooden pegs.

Ken's clothes peg fighters

A flight of pegs (click for a larger version)

You can see more of Ken’s creations on his blog –