How to deal with missing players

The site relies on active players, so what to do when a player becomes inactive? There are several options…

Progress Report – 28 February 2010

What I got up to this week including adding a new plane – the Halberstadt CL.II – and playing a lot of games. I discuss plans for the next stages of developement.

Site Errors: Crashed planes = crashed game

There is a rather annoying bug that has been introduced to the site by allowing more than two planes to each game. It seems that when a plane gets destroyed but the game continues, the game can stop recording turn data for the destroyed plane. This leads to mismatch between the number of planes in […]

Hexcell Games History

Hexcell Games started when I realised the similarities between my own original game, Momentum, which I had been mulling over for years, and the game Blue Max.

Progress Report – 3 January 2010

What I got up to in the week, including multiple planes in one hex, multiple colour schemes to a plane, managing your friends list and playing some non-Blue Max related boardgames.

Blue Max beta

Blue Max is the first game I am developing. It is a game of aerial combat in WW1. I talk about the pedigree of the game, some places you can play it now and some of my plans for it going forward.