The site has been really humming this week. It seems the changes I made last week are having an effect am I am seeing new players getting straight into games. I usually try and have three or four two player games set up with open invites waiting for new players.

The Halberstadt CL.II – that’s the German fighter with an observer – is now available, taking the game to July 1917. The next batch of planes for August 1917 will include the Red Baron’s Fokker Dr.I and Biggle’s Sopwith Camel.

Otherwise there has not been a great deal new to show this week. I am working on a couple of things in the background.

I want to give players their own profile pages with records of their accomplishments – a listing games completed, wins and losses, and a place to compare your performance against those in your friends list.

I am also looking at revamping the way the Blue Max game reports the results of turns to players. The current system works but it is a bit clunky. By default you are always shown and advanced to the game turn waiting to be completed. To see the outcome of the turn just played you need to rewind the game a turn. The plan is to have notice come up at the start of each new turn showing you a summary of what happened in the turn just gone. When you go into replay mode this notice will not interrupt you unless you explicitly open it. I also want to have this summary display with a bit more than just plain text. This is will be a fairly big change, so it may take a while before you see anything change on the site. Right now I am still thinking through the structure of the data I need to record.