Introducing Deduce or Die!

Deduce or Die! (formally known as Secret Project) is the second game from Hexcell Games and is free to play in your browser. And yes, the exclamation mark is part of the game title. Deduce or Die! is a deduction game, possibly the best deduction game ever. If you enjoyed Sleuth or Black Vienna then […]

Progress Report – 24 October 2010

As with last week work continues on new features for Hexcell Games. I am getting anxious to release it all and get it out there so expect announcements this week. During the week I stumbled onto Mozilla Labs Game On 2010. It is a competition being run by Mozilla for games developed to be run […]

Progress Report – 17 October 2010

This week I have been polishing, polishing, polishing the site getting ready for the release of a lot of new stuff. Iam also thinking of the best way to time the releases so you, my loyal readers, are frothing at the mouth, champing at the bit for it. (I think I just described a rabid […]

Progress Report – 10 October 2010

Today I put live some changes to the homepage to make it a little more coherent. The giant red ‘join now’ button is gone. Instead Kitchener now points at you. The homepage change also makes room for a newsletter subscription form. There are some big announcements coming for Hexcell Games and this is the first […]

Home made WW1 fighters

After I made a post about my business card fighter prototypes I got linked to from a couple of war gaming sites. Then something really cool happened…. Ken Van Pelt is an art teacher and wargamer. He saw my prototypes and not only came up with his own version but also a quick set of […]

Progress Report – 3 October 2010

What I got up to this week which was to get everything closer to release, but you have been hearing that for weeks, no?