Progress Report – 3 April 2011

The last weeks have been a time of reflection, and actually playing the games. I have been going over the feedback I have been getting in email and through the forums – fixing errors in various games and apologising that the errors occurred in the first place – thinking of ways I can make what we have […]

Progress Report – 13 March 2011

A few small updates in the last two weeks. The player profile now shows some basic information about Blue Max. The number of games they are playing and have finished is shown and the number of turns they have submitted over the last thirty days. The number of moves they have made is dependent on the number […]

Progress Report – 28 February 2011

A couple of small changes to report this week. Chat in both Blue Max and Deduce or Die! now tell you what round comments were made. Unfortunately all chat messages made before this new system was implemented will be reported as having been made during ‘game setup’. Reporting the game turn a message was posted […]

Away from keyboard for 5 days

I took a holiday away from the Internet in late February.

Progress Report – 14 February 2011

What I got up to in the first two weeks of February plus news on HTML5 and game development.

Progress Report – 30 January 2011

Not a huge amount to report this week. I have been working on the new Steampunk game. Not only are original game setting and mechanics being developed, but I am also stretching the game engine in a new direction (I’ll give you a hint: ‘isometric’). All of which means that it is taking a time […]

Progress Report: 10 January 2011

Happy new year! I am back from Tasmania. Changes have gone live and I have had a chance to start work on some new games. Tasmania was great. It is one of the prettiest places in the world in my opinion. Also the chance to escape the sub-tropical summer of Brisbane for winds straight off […]

Progress Report: 27 December 2010

Help! I am trapped at the end of the world! Well close enough. I have been holidaying with my family in Dover which is about as far South in Tasmania that you can still find civilisation. Unfortunately for me that civilisation does not include reliable internet coverage at lease by my mobile phone provider. Right […]

Progress Report – 12 December 2010

Christmas is almost here and life outside Hexcell is demanding that work be wrapped up, gifts be bought and holidays prepared for. I have not been left much time to do anything on the site. Game Notices – turn them on If you have not already, you should turn on daily game notices. Daily notices send […]

Progress Report – 5 December 2010

A very short report this week. Tonight I put up a revision to the tailing interface for Blue Max. Tails of friendly aircraft are now shown to you automatically and the selection of enemy tails is now graphical instead of a drop down list of text. The interface now also reports circumstances that effect tail […]