Not a huge amount to report this week. I have been working on the new Steampunk game. Not only are original game setting and mechanics being developed, but I am also stretching the game engine in a new direction (I’ll give you a hint: ‘isometric’). All of which means that it is taking a time to come together and is frequently broken and entirely messy.

I keep thinking to myself that Blue Max was not this slow to develop – but that’s not true. Blue Max took over a year, grew in features slowly and was re-factored several times. The three stages are “get it working”, “get it right” and “make it pretty”. The steam punk game is not even at stage one yet.

During the week I had a big scare when I poured a cup of coffee into my laptop keyboard. For 24 hours I thought I had finally killed it for good but after drying out it started again without complaint. What a trooper. I had a backup of the site that was only missing a week’s work on the steampunk game and the laptop harddrive was uncaffeinated so it could have gone into a new machine or external case. Fortunately none of that was needed.