Progress Report – 28 February 2011

A couple of small changes to report this week. Chat in both Blue Max and Deduce or Die! now tell you what round comments were made. Unfortunately all chat messages made before this new system was implemented will be reported as having been made during ‘game setup’. Reporting the game turn a message was posted […]

MeepleTown features Hexcell Games

Christian Wilson has said kind things about Hexcell Games¬†on the MeepleTown blog in a post listing sites where you can play board games online. He is particularly¬†enamored of Deduce or Die! I subscribe to a fair few board game sites and blogs trying to keep up with what is coming out and living vicariously […]

Away from keyboard for 5 days

I took a holiday away from the Internet in late February.

Progress Report – 14 February 2011

What I got up to in the first two weeks of February plus news on HTML5 and game development.