Progress Report – 28 February 2010

What I got up to this week including adding a new plane – the Halberstadt CL.II – and playing a lot of games. I discuss plans for the next stages of developement.

Planes of Blue Max: SPAD VII

The planes of Blue Max posts will each focus on a different plane available in the game. Stats and history of the real plane and the characteristics of the plane as rendered in the game. This post features the SPAD VII

Progress Report – 21 February 2010

What I got up to during the week including yet another revision to the invitation system which allows for open invites – that is invites that can be taken up by any user.

Progress Report – 14 February 2010

What I have been working on over the last week including fixing a legacy bug in game creation, allowing users to edit their details and set email reminders, and adding scores to the games.

Progress Report – 8 February 2010

This is what I got up to… yesterday: I put live fairly long list of changes that have been waiting to get through testing.

Progress Report – 7 February 2010

What I got up to in the week, which was not a great deal I can show you right now because sorting out the afore mentioned bugs took two nights. But I am still beavering away.

Site Errors: Crashed planes = crashed game

There is a rather annoying bug that has been introduced to the site by allowing more than two planes to each game. It seems that when a plane gets destroyed but the game continues, the game can stop recording turn data for the destroyed plane. This leads to mismatch between the number of planes in […]