This week a couple of users reported broken games. It turns out that moving from the old game invitation system to the new one did cause some problems, specifically when one plane in the game was chosen before the change and another after. I have been through the database and fixed up all the games I could find. If you do get into one of your games and nothing works just drop me a line.

I have had a daily game reminder email working for a couple of weeks now, but it could only be turned on by my setting a flag directly in the database. Until now only players I knew and contacted personally got their reminder emails turned on. Now any member can turn on and off their reminders. The option appears under the new “Edit your account details” option found in login dropdown. While you are there you can also change your username and password.

I would suggest you turn it on, at most you are going to get one email a day.

As you play your games you will notice there is now a score for each plane. Scoring in Blue Max is relatively simple: 1 point per turn your plane stays in the air, points equal to the combat value when you shoot at someone, and 24 points for shooting someone down. Unfortunately this will be inaccurate for any game that has already started – there will be no scores for the initial turns.

Finally the lists on the site haveĀ receivedĀ a makeover.

One of the users, Friendless, has commented that it is not obvious the consequences of your previous turn as you play. I can see where he is coming from. When all planes have their turns locked in the turn is processed and the game advanced to the next turn ready for input. All shooting and damage is reported as part of the now previous turn. The player can see what has happened by rewinding the game to the previous turn – not exactly obvious I know.

I am mulling over ways of informing the user of what happened as each turn ends. Do you have any ideas – if so leave a comment below.