Phil Hall, Blue Max and Hexcell Games

Phil Hall is the designer of the Blue Max board game. I thought I had an understanding with Phil from February 2010 that I could proceed developing an online version of his game. Phil did not in fact give me his permission. It took over a year for me to learn I had got it […]

World War 1 movies: Flyboys

Flyboys is a fictionalised account of the Lafayette Escadrille, a squadron of the French Air Service manned by American volunteers before America’s entry into the war. It is enjoyable if extremely light fare. It is the standard motley-group-of-cocky-newcomers-bond-and-come-good story with the Hollywood mandated love story layered on the top. The flying sequences are gorgeous. All […]

Progress Report – 3 April 2011

The last weeks have been a time of reflection, and actually playing the games. I have been going over the feedback I have been getting in email and through the forums – fixing errors in various games andĀ apologisingĀ that the errors occurred in the first place – thinking of ways I can make what we have […]