Progress Report – 14 February 2011

What I got up to in the first two weeks of February plus news on HTML5 and game development.

Progress Report – 28 November 2010

This week I had to renew the domain registration for Hexcell Games – the site has just enjoyed it first anniversary. Setting a date for the anniversary¬†somewhat arbitrary. I started coding the site in October 2009, registered the domain in late November and invited people to it the day before Christmas. I guess it ‘came […]

Progress Report – 7 November 2010

So last week was pretty hectic, with late nights for me getting everything live and working. Deduce and Die! went live. This was previously known as Secret Project. Currently I am in a game with Larry Levy, the designer of the game. Blue Max Campaigns also went live. You may also have noticed the Blue […]

Bug Report – Chrome select lists

Update: This bug has been fixed. If you want to know more see below. Oh Chrome, why do you hate me? Haven’t I treated you kindly? At the moment the Chrome browser is not allowing users to interact with the select lists in the various interrogation pop-ups in Deduce or Die! This makes it very […]

Introducing Deduce or Die!

Deduce or Die! (formally known as Secret Project) is the second game from Hexcell Games and is free to play in your browser. And yes, the exclamation mark is part of the game title. Deduce or Die! is a deduction game, possibly the best deduction game ever. If you enjoyed Sleuth or Black Vienna then […]

Progress Report – 5 September 2010

What I got up to this week including getting complete campaigns running on the beta site, getting a designer badge at board game geek and getting pilots killed in the skies over France…