Update: This bug has been fixed. If you want to know more see below.

Oh Chrome, why do you hate me? Haven’t I treated you kindly?

At the moment the Chrome browser is not allowing users to interact with the select lists in the various interrogation pop-ups in Deduce or Die! This makes it very difficult to select someone to accuse other than the person at the top of the list.

I am looking for a solution, not that I have any idea what that may be at the moment. The same elements work fine when served from the local and beta sites.

In the meantime here are two work-arounds:

1. Use Firefox to play Deduce or Die!

2. In Chrome you can tab through the elements on the page until the select list is in focus, then use the up and down keys to change the selected player.

Update and Fix

After thinking about what had changed I realised I had updated to the then latest version of the jQuery UI framework (1.8.5). The UI framework makes the dialogue boxes in Deduce or Die! draggable. It is also in these very same dialogue boxes that the select lists stopped working in Chrome.

I was going to roll the UI framework back to a version I knew worked (1.8.4) but on a whim I checked jQuery.com and a new version had just been released (1.8.6). The new framework seems to have fixed the problem.

If anyone is still having problems let me know.