Phil Hall, Blue Max and Hexcell Games

Phil Hall is the designer of the Blue Max board game. I thought I had an understanding with Phil from February 2010 that I could proceed developing an online version of his game. Phil did not in fact give me his permission. It took over a year for me to learn I had got it […]

World War 1 movies: Flyboys

Flyboys is a fictionalised account of the Lafayette Escadrille, a squadron of the French Air Service manned by American volunteers before America’s entry into the war. It is enjoyable if extremely light fare. It is the standard motley-group-of-cocky-newcomers-bond-and-come-good story with the Hollywood mandated love story layered on the top. The flying sequences are gorgeous. All […]

Announcing the Hexcell t-shirt store

Hexcell Games now has t-shirt designs for sale. Hit The store is powered by Printfection. They offered the most flexible shirt and website design options. And as if by design Printfection is having a sale this week. Save 20% on all orders no minimums OR 25%on all orders with a subtotal of $50 or more! To get the […]

Progress Report: 10 January 2011

Happy new year! I am back from Tasmania. Changes have gone live and I have had a chance to start work on some new games. Tasmania was great. It is one of the prettiest places in the world in my opinion. Also the chance to escape the sub-tropical summer of Brisbane for winds straight off […]

Hexgrid coordinates

At first glance hexagonal coordinate systems are difficult to implement. I discuss the coordinate systems I use on Hexcell.

Video: Blue Max interface

I have done a quick video overview of the Blue Max interface. This was completely ad-lib and done in one take so it is a bit rough. Next time it will be scripted and more concise. Any suggestion for improvement is welcome. I especially want to know if you found this interesting or helpful and whether […]

Progress Report – 28 November 2010

This week I had to renew the domain registration for Hexcell Games – the site has just enjoyed it first anniversary. Setting a date for the anniversary somewhat arbitrary. I started coding the site in October 2009, registered the domain in late November and invited people to it the day before Christmas. I guess it ‘came […]

Progress Report – 7 November 2010

So last week was pretty hectic, with late nights for me getting everything live and working. Deduce and Die! went live. This was previously known as Secret Project. Currently I am in a game with Larry Levy, the designer of the game. Blue Max Campaigns also went live. You may also have noticed the Blue […]

Home made WW1 fighters

After I made a post about my business card fighter prototypes I got linked to from a couple of war gaming sites. Then something really cool happened…. Ken Van Pelt is an art teacher and wargamer. He saw my prototypes and not only came up with his own version but also a quick set of […]

Progress Report – 3 October 2010

What I got up to this week which was to get everything closer to release, but you have been hearing that for weeks, no?