Progress this week has been a mixed bag. On one hand it did not feel like I got many opportunities to spend quality time on Hexcell. On the other hand at the end of the week I was quite happy with the progress made.

Both Blue Max campaigns and the Secret Project are very close to release. I still have to sort out pickups in campaigns, but I know how I am going to do that now, so it is just a case of coding it. The Secret Project needs just a few more tweaks and to hook up notice emails which will require it to be on the live site.

Pilot Berths are now part of campaign management. Everyone will be getting a free pilot berth so you will be able play in any campaign – there will be no features available only to paying players. You will only need to purchase additional pilot berths if you want to play in more than one campaign at a time.

This will be the first commercial move for the game. Its not designed to suddenly make me a wealthy, though paying the hosting resources would be nice. I am also contemplating a few other ways of being reimbursed but getting the current upgrades out is the first priority.