Business Card fighter prototypes

Business Card fighter prototypes

So not a great deal to report very late this week. The decision to use pilot berths has slowed development down as it touches so much of the campaign code.

This coming weekend was to be Gen Con Oz 2010. Unfortunately it was cancelled (but hopefully to return next year). This year several independent events have sprung up to fill the void for different gaming subcultures. I am not going to any of them, rather my wife is introducing me to the joys of camping this weekend. That’s camping in a tent, not waiting at a mob spawn in WoW. So no development this weekend.

Earlier in the year I had planned to have a big promotional push ready for Gen Con Oz. It’s cancellation derailed those plans. But the approach of the weekend from which it is notably absent got me thinking about my promotion plans again.

One idea I had was business cards that could fold into miniature fighters. I began to play around with the idea this week. Now I have a whole squadron of prototypes. I set myself the following design goals:

  1. the complete model must fit on a business card size piece of card
  2. it can only be printed on one side (saves costs and alignment problems)
  3. the card must all remain one piece – i.e. no┬áseparate bits to punch out and attach.

I think I am narrowing in on workable design. Of course to work the card needs to be cut in a very specific way, so if I want to mass produce these I would have to pay for custom die cutting. Not cheap. Maybe for GenConOz 2011.