New Year’s Plans

Tis the season of new years resolutions and I have a few for Hexcell Games. Facebook: I have been thinking for quite a while about integration with Facebook. I do not plan to turn the games themselves into a Facebook app. An app that allowed you to follow your games, alert you of waiting games […]

Hexgrid coordinates

At first glance hexagonal coordinate systems are difficult to implement. I discuss the coordinate systems I use on Hexcell.

Bug Report – Chrome select lists

Update: This bug has been fixed. If you want to know more see below. Oh Chrome, why do you hate me? Haven’t I treated you kindly? At the moment the Chrome browser is not allowing users to interact with the select lists in the various interrogation pop-ups in Deduce or Die! This makes it very […]

Progress Report – 28 July 2010

What I got up to this week – Its secret.

Progress Report – 17 January 2010

What I got up to in the week, which consisted mainly of reworking the game invitation interface.

Progress Report – 27 December 2009

What I got up to this week, including: a new game invite interface, new playable planes and talking about how introducing outside play-testers is shifting my focus on various things around the site.