Tis the season of new years resolutions and I have a few for Hexcell Games.

Facebook: I have been thinking for quite a while about integration with Facebook. I do not plan to turn the games themselves into a Facebook app. An app that allowed you to follow your games, alert you of waiting games and publishing to your friends your achievements is the plan. Some work has been done on this already, but only so far as proving to myself the various technologies can talk to each other. The next step is to come up with a more concrete plan for the app.

iPhone: I got an iPod Touch for Christmas. Aside from entertaining me on my daily train commute it gives me an environment to test any app I want to develop. Blue Max is already usable in the iOS browser but it is far from optimised for the platform. The idea at the moment is for a mobile version of the site that acts as a Web App most likely using jQTouch. jQTouch is still in beta at the moment, but as the official mobile plugin for jQuery it should be around and supported for the long term.

Two new games: There are two new games in the works. While they will both use the hex system already developed for Blue Max they should feel quite different from Blue Max and each other.

The first new game has a steampunk setting. It is the more difficult of the two new projects technically but comes with a huge advantage in that I will be working on it with a close friend. Not only does he bring a wealth of gaming experience to the table, he is also a talented 3D artist. The second new game has a sci-fi setting.

Work has started on both of them but the plan is to focus on one of them and take it to completion before returning to the other.

Improve, improve, improve: And as ever I am looking to generally improve all aspects of the site.

Do you have any thoughts on these projects? Which is more important: Facebook or iPhone? Do you have a preferred style of game or suggested improvements? Leave a comment.