Phil Hall, Blue Max and Hexcell Games

Phil Hall is the designer of the Blue Max board game. I thought I had an understanding with Phil from February 2010 that I could proceed developing an online version of his game. Phil did not in fact give me his permission. It took over a year for me to learn I had got it […]

Announcing the Hexcell t-shirt store

Hexcell Games now has t-shirt designs for sale. Hit The store is powered by Printfection. They offered the most flexible shirt and website design options. And as if by design Printfection is having a sale this week. Save 20% on all orders no minimums OR 25%on all orders with a subtotal of $50 or more! To get the […]

MeepleTown features Hexcell Games

Christian Wilson has said kind things about Hexcell Games on the MeepleTown blog in a post listing sites where you can play board games online. He is particularly enamored of Deduce or Die! I subscribe to a fair few board game sites and blogs trying to keep up with what is coming out and living vicariously […]

Progress Report – 14 February 2011

What I got up to in the first two weeks of February plus news on HTML5 and game development.

New Year’s Plans

Tis the season of new years resolutions and I have a few for Hexcell Games. Facebook: I have been thinking for quite a while about integration with Facebook. I do not plan to turn the games themselves into a Facebook app. An app that allowed you to follow your games, alert you of waiting games […]

Hexgrid coordinates

At first glance hexagonal coordinate systems are difficult to implement. I discuss the coordinate systems I use on Hexcell.

Progress Report – 6 June 2010

What I got up to this… month. It has been too long and while I have been busy little has been Hexcell related… except new planes.

Progress Report – 4 April 2010

What I got up to this week, including adding forums to the site, working on a system to deal with inactive users and adding two more planes… whew, busy.

Progress Report – 14 March 2010

What I got up to this week, which included working on a new round summary for Blue Max and preparing to release version 2 of the game.

How to deal with missing players

The site relies on active players, so what to do when a player becomes inactive? There are several options…