Be my valentine. I know I have been ignoring you. Acting aloof. Distant. But I still love you. And I know you still love me – I am pretty sure it was you who keyed my car as a cry for attention.

I have been spending my time slowly working on the new Steampunk game, trying not to be daunted by the amount of work it will take. I have only just realised I am wasting a lot of time getting things ‘right’ when I should just be getting them working (or some close approximation there to). At this stage I am not sure if I can even recognise ‘right’.

Leon, a new user to the site, has been filling my inbox with issues and suggestions for Deduce or Die! It is good to get the feedback, but I will confess right now I have been slack and done nothing with it yet.


Apple’s steadfast refusal to allow Flash player on iOS seems to be pushing the development of HTML5 and associated open technologies.

Facebook recognises that a significant portion of users view the site through mobile browsers. It is investigating ways for application and game developers to be able to offer rich interactivity through a mobile interface. I guess the third of the human race playing Farmville* is too big an audience for them to contemplate loosing. HTML5 is Flash’s obvious successor. Facebook’s Cory Ondrejka has posted on their investigation into HTML5 gaming. In the article he discusses the speed of current browser rendering and mentions a bunch of JavaScript game engines: ImpactEaselJSCrafty, and Diggy (all mentioned here so I can go back through them).

AppMobi offers an SDK for accessing iOS and Android phone features from HTML and JavaScript.

O’Rielly is coming out with a book on building iPhone apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript. It endorses Nitobi’s PhoneGap to give Javascript access to phone features.

All of which is an excuse for me to do ‘research’ on my iPod Touch rather than code…

Elsewhere Mozilla has announced the winners of its HTML5 Game-On competition. You should check them out.

* the proportion of the human race playing Farmville may be over-estimated. Do not use this figure in your school reports.