Progress Report – 30 January 2011

Not a huge amount to report this week. I have been working on the new Steampunk game. Not only are original game setting and mechanics being developed, but I am also stretching the game engine in a new direction (I’ll give you a hint: ‘isometric’). All of which means that it is taking a time […]

New Year’s Plans

Tis the season of new years resolutions and I have a few for Hexcell Games. Facebook: I have been thinking for quite a while about integration with Facebook. I do not plan to turn the games themselves into a Facebook app. An app that allowed you to follow your games, alert you of waiting games […]

Progress Report: 10 January 2011

Happy new year! I am back from Tasmania. Changes have gone live and I have had a chance to start work on some new games. Tasmania was great. It is one of the prettiest places in the world in my opinion. Also the chance to escape the sub-tropical summer of Brisbane for winds straight off […]