At last I have managed to fit in some Hexcell work. This weekend I coded the first draft of the new game invitation system. As promised you can invite two to six players, flying two to six planes. You can play multiple planes and unbalanced scenarios. Despite being functional it is kind of ugly at the moment.  As soon as I have a chance to go over the layout and clean it up I will release it. The current scenario system will shortly be history.

Coming up next…

First priority is to layout the new invitation system so it is ready for public consumption, and then make it public. Then clean up and add more planes. Its getting a bit boring only being able to fly the same four planes. Its like the game is trapped in January 1917.

In other news jQuery 1.4 was released this week. I have already implemented in my development version of the site.  This new version promises a speed improvement, but aside from implementing it I plan to go through the sites code and optimise it as much as I can.