So last week was pretty hectic, with late nights for me getting everything live and working.

Deduce and Die! went live. This was previously known as Secret Project. Currently I am in a game with Larry Levy, the designer of the game.

Blue Max Campaigns also went live.

You may also have noticed the Blue Max game list got an overhaul. These changes hopefully make the state of each game clearer. I hope soon to add tailing information to the lists so you can know if the plane you are tailing has its turn locked in. I will also be replicating the same format through the other Blue Max game lists.

The campaigns are off to a slower start. The launch attracted new players some who are just learning how Hexcell works, some who came for the launch but are probably not staying.

A few of those who showed up are veterans from that other site where you can play Blue Max. They are encouraging but vocal about what will improve the games. I like that. The main request is to improve the notifications surrounding games waiting for your input. The new format of the game lists is the first step in addressing those concerns.

Another concern is that it is hard to know who are reliable opponents on the site. Pickups address players going inactive, but it would be much better to know you are joining a game with a flaky player to start with. This has become even more important now campaigns have launched. It is obvious that the user profiles needs reworking to make player activity clearer.

Finally I am going to be away from the internet for five days from Thursday to Monday. IĀ apologize in advance to anyone whose games I delay.