Game Design Concepts was an on-line, real-time course in game design which ran from June 29 – September 6, 2009. All of the content and exercises from the course are available online in a blog:

Student input from the course is also available in a forum forum and wiki, but I have had trouble getting onto them.

Since I have discovered the course I have been going through it slowly. I am not working to anyone’s schedule but my own and that is pretty full of other things. If I was doing it with friends there would be more imperative to get a move on as the the course itself suggests:

This course works better if you take it with friends. If you have a group of friends or colleagues who are willing to go through this with you, instead of keeping your work to yourself, share it with your friends. Meet on a regular basis to discuss the course topics and share your projects.

So if there is anyone out there interested in going through this course with me let me know. I would be happy to host files and discussion here at Hexcell.