My BGG avatar

My BGG avatar

The big news today is that I have a first draft of full campaigns running on That includes all of the pilot skills and their effects on the game. There is still some cosmetic work to be done and of course testing, testing, testing.

If you are interested in helping me test it all out then drop me a line.

I am doing a lot of testing with pilots and I find I am playing the game differently. I am becoming more cautious, especially with pilots who have lived through quite a few dog fights. I think it is the fact that once a pilot has built up a bit there is a real sense that you have something to lose if he gets shot down. And these are test games where I am purposely trying to get pilots shot down.

My progress report for last week was very late. If you have not had the chance I invite you to read my thoughts and comment on pilot berths (starts about half way down the post).

In other news: I noticed yesterday that I have a game designer badge on Board Game Geek. It is for my design of a deck of cards for Larry Levy’s Deduce or Die! I also get an artist credit on the Deduce or Die! game page. Cool, yeah?