Yes, I know its only one day later, but what a difference a day makes. Here is the litany of changes :

Now when planes get shot down you see them spiral towards the ground in their last turn. Previously they just mysteriously disappeared from the sky.

Observers now shoot correctly. Yes, sir the Bristol F2B is no longer just a lumbering giant. Its now a lumbering giant with an additional 120 degree arc of fire. (I have updated the how to play section with the rules for observer fire as well).

Two new planes are now available – the Allies’ S.E.5A and the German Albatros D.Va. The S.E.5A is the first Allied plane with twin machine guns. That brings the plane roster up to June 1917.

The game invite system now allows you to choose between a regular (10×10) game board and a small (8×8) board. In reality the board could be made any to any dimensions on a game by game basis, but for now I did not want to stray too far from the board size in the original game.

I have added a new page that lists all the planes currently available. Planes’ stats and maneuver charts are available for perusal without having to be in a game with them.


A lot of these changes (and a few more still on the to do list) have have come from my playing games with some of my colleagues at my day job.  More play testing is always better, so if you want a match up just invite me to a game (or accept the invites I have already sent you – you know who you are). Otherwise if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.