There is a rather annoying bug that has been introduced to the site by allowing more than two planes to each game. It seems that when a plane gets destroyed but the game continues, the game can stop recording turn data for the destroyed plane. This leads to mismatch between the number of planes in the game and the number of planes the game can find turn data for. At that point the game stops working.

Now while I think I have a handle on the symptoms of this error, I have yet to find the root cause – the error that causes the game to stop recording turn data for destroyed planes in the first place. It is hair-wrenchingly frustrating.

I will be working on a solution tonight. I am aware that the problem has already afflicted some games on the live site. Once I have the fix in place for continuing games I will try and fix any already afflicted games. If you are in a game which you think has this error please contact me with your username and game ID.

Sorry for any inconvenience. This has unfortunately stopped work on the observer fire from the Bristol F2B for the moment.


All hail the Left Outer Join!

I have uploaded what I hope will be a fix for the problem described. If you have a game that is stalled after one plane was destroyed let me know. I may have to rewind the game to the last good turn to fix it.