A couple of small changes to report this week.

Chat in both Blue Max and Deduce or Die! now tell you what round comments were made. Unfortunately all chat messages made before this new system was implemented will be reported as having been made during ‘game setup’. Reporting the game turn a message was posted in should give players more context and make the chat more useful.

In the often ignored “My Friends” section of the site I am reworking the user profile. Click a user’s name on that page and popup detailing them opens.

Its a bit rudimentary for now but the plan is to add more data about a user’s activity on the site and have it available everywhere on the user’s name is displayed.  I am hoping it will make it clearer who are the active users on the site and make finding players to invite to games and campaigns easier.

I am using gravatars for player profile pictures. If you want to update your gravatar you can do so at gravatar.com. The process is very painless and you will be surprised the places they are used. If you frequent any blogs (like this one) then gravatars are used in the comments. You do leave comments, yes?

There are more improvements coming for the site. I am focusing on the top level of the site and Deduce or Die! – trying to make the whole process of getting into a game smoother. Let me know how I am doing and what you think should be fixed in the comments.