Christmas is almost here and life outside Hexcell is demanding that work be wrapped up, gifts be bought and holidays prepared for. I have not been left much time to do anything on the site.

Game Notices – turn them on

If you have not already, you should turn on daily game notices. Daily notices send you one email a day listing all the games waiting on action from you. You also get an email when a game you are in finishes. So even if you are playing in a dozen games you will not be inundated with email from the site.

You can sign up for game notices on your user update and the ‘My Games’ pages when you have logged in.

Someday soon daily game notices may be mandatory for players in campaigns.

I am feeling generous in this season of giving, and active members of the site will be the beneficiaries of my largess. By which I mean I plan to give way free pilot berths to all active players leading up to Christmas. I am also going to give out some extra berths to active players who have signed up for daily game notices.  This is a good time to invite your friends to join and get the bonus berths.