Happy New Year.

This is what got worked on this week.

Planes in the same hex no longer overlap and obscure one another. Now a half size sprite is used for each plane and they are arranged around the hex so all can be seen. There is a limit of six planes in the one hex, but then there is also a limit of space for six plane tabs across the screen. For the time being scenarios will be limited to six planes.

Planes can now  have multiple colour schemes and a few of the planes now have alternate colour schemes waiting to be used. What is still missing is the ability to choose a different colour scheme. Until that is coded the only way to get a different colour plane is for me to go into the database and change it manually.

I have prettied up the game invite interface. Using the same structure I have also created a friend list management interface. I have been thinking about the best way to start new games, whether the scenario approach is best or if there could be a better way.

I have been trying to iron out the kinks in the transition from first turn setup to regular game turns. Still a few odd things going on. Thanks to those who have noticed odd things going on and pointed them out to me.


Yesterday I got to play boardgames all day. I had my second playing of Endeavor – a new game from Z-Man Games and designed by two previously unpublished designers from New Zealand.  I must say I like it a lot, with only seven rounds it moves quite quickly and the decisions are difficult in a good way.