Welcome to the Hexcell Games developer blog.

I plan to develop a number of original online games. But to start off I am re-implementing a tried and true game – Blue Max.

Blue Max was first published as a board game in 1983 by Game Designers Workshop. The designer, Phil Hall, went on to refine the rules over the years. In 1999 Phil teamed up with Eric Hotz to release Canvas Eagles free on the web.

This will not be the first time that Blue Max has been turned into an online game. It already has a large and loyal following at YouPlay.it.  And I cannot honestly say that I am doing anything better than them. They have four or five years of live testing of their system.

There is also this online version for those that speak french.

At this moment my version of Blue Max is not even at the beta stage. Players are able to select maneuvers, shoot and inflict damage on one another, but for the moment damage is just a number Рthe planes never go down. One feature already in place that I am proud of is the ability for the players step the game back through the turns to the beginning of the game. Eventually I would like games to be replayed as a smooth animation.