My poor laptop

Formatting my laptop

It is Anzac day today. Its day for Australians and New Zealanders to remember the efforts and sacrifices our armed forces have made in conflicts through out our relatively short history. In particular the Gallipoli campaign of World War One is remembered.

Development has taken a back seat for another week while I rebuild my laptop. It got reformatted on Tuesday, reconnected to the net on Thursday and has generally been showing a lot of progress bars in the meantime. Thanks to for all his help trying to first fix my machine and then with the reformat. Things are almost back to normal now and I starting to get back to actual development.

One change that has been waiting for a bit more love is the coding of an email to be sent to all players when a game ends. If you are in a lot of games they can end without your noticing when someone else commits the finishing move or you are knocked out before the end.

To get a notice of your games ending you will need to be receiving daily notices from the site. To set up daily notices for yourself edit your account details. You can find the link behind your name in the site header.