After much consternation with my laptop and not being able to see the local host through either FireFox or IE, as well as just general performance issues, I have decided that it needs to be formatted and restored. Now this is a very irregular thing for me – this laptop has not been reformatted since I got it back in 2006. I am taking my time backing up everything.

Meanwhile I have got a little bit of development in. Specifically I have improved the game screen layout in FireFox and IE. Now I have tested it in IE8 and FireFox 3.6. I think there still may be issues in IE7. If you are using IE6 I have no sympathy for you, pity maybe, but no sympathy.

I have also changed the game listing page on the main Hexcell site. It is now summary with just counts of your games. For a full list of the games you have to go to the lists in the Blue Max sub-site. In the end it stops me having to keep two copies of all the lists of games coded.