Its been two weeks and no update. No I am not dead, but I have been distracted from Hexcell Games…

I attended GenConOz last year and in the post con analysis the woefully poor online booking system was brought up as a lowlight in many attendees’ experience. At the time I spelled out my vision of a better system and then threw together a prototype of it.  There was a bit of an exchange about it with Ian Houlihan, the organiser of GenConOz,  at the time then we both went quiet on the subject.

During the week Ian rang me to see if anything had changed since we last spoke at the end of last year. Nothing had. But I did look through the code again and put it up where he could see it. Since then I have sunk most of my spare time into optimising and extending it. Ian’s last comment: ‘F***ing awesome!’.  My head, it swells.

Meanwhile it was my birthday on May 2, so I am using that as a convenient excuse for not posting an update that weekend. What I did do was go see Iron Man 2 on the big screen, watch my birthday copy of Avatar, and catch up with friends I have not seen in far too long.