Work continues on campaigns.

I have a working campaign list, campaign creation form, and campaign details page. When the campaign is created so are all the pilots required for the first round.

As part of creating pilots I have come up with a random name generator for new pilots. The player will be able to keep the generated name or change it when they first take control of their pilot. To make the names I have list of WW1 aces from both sides. When a name is needed a random first and last name are combined from the ace names of the appropriate faction. It works very well for the German names. With the allied names there a is a good chance of a mix of English and French in the same name.

Right now I am working on the pilot update where the player can change the pilot’s system generated name, select their plane and colours and the skills.

I am still not sure how to deal with players going inactive in a campaign. I think part of the solution will be prevention – that is not allowing players to enter a campaign until they have shown they will stick it out on the site. I am thinking that you will not be able to join a campaign until you have completed at least one standalone game.