During the week I revised the URL used for Blue Max games. Its not perfect, but it is much nicer than it was before. It also protects games in the set-up phase being spied on through URL manipulation.

You may have noticed a new link on the Blue Max games pages (top right in the grey bar). You can now bookmark, email and share links to games directly. I hope those of you enjoying the site can use this feature to share your games with your friends. While on the promotion trip I have created a page where users can download a Hexcell Games banner.

Banner for Hexcell Games and Blue Max

As my first steps in working on Campaigns and Pilots I have mocked up some screens for campaigns and pilots. The campaign screen is a campaign creation form. The pilot screen is a pilot sheet showing the pilot’s history and abilities, it will probably be the player’s access to the campaign. These are both works in progress – a way of me collecting requirements and designing the interface at the same time. Work has also started on the database side things, but its a lot less interesting to look at.