Interface v3

Click for larger version

I have taken a slight detour from working on campaigns to rework the game interface again.

Version one of the interface was tall and had to be scrolled to see everything. In version two I put everything onto one screen without scrolling but elements of the interface overlapped and obscured one and other.

With this third iteration I am putting everything on one screen but having nothing overlap. The interface will take up all of the available screen real estate, so if you have a high resolution screen then you will benefit from your extra pixels. That said I have been testing in a 1024×768 screen to ensure it is usable at that size.

I also plan to do away with the two different versions of the game. Old games still use the version 1 interface, while later games use version 2. This is more than just a cosmetic difference. The way in-game messages are recorded in the two versions is different. I plan to merge those different sets of messages into one. With the messages merged I can then go back to having a single code base.

And that is the whole point. I am trying to simplify and clean up the way everything is coded so I can take the next steps with the campaign coding.

I am also trying to get a coherent visual style through the site. Development has been iterative and each iteration has left a legacy of visual styles. In designing the new interfaces for campaigns and pilots it became clear that some house cleaning was in order.

Have a look at the new screen shot and let me know your first impressions.  I hope you like what you see. Leave a comment.