The new in-game chat

During the week I got some time to put together a chat feature. If you open the chat panel now you will be able to converse with others in your game. Just be aware that anyone will be able to read your chat posts, but only players in the game are able to post to it.

Another small but very useful change is the ability to login directly on the game page. You no longer have to go to the Hexcell home page then come back and find your game.

Work on the campaign has been moving ahead. The code for setting up a campaign game is done. The next stage is some hopefully minimal tweaking to the code that currently runs the game game turns so it can also handle campaign game turns. Still some way to go.

The unfortunate news that GenConOz 2010 has been cancelled. I attended the first two and was really looking forward to this year’s event. In such a short time it became a focal point of my family’s year. I had been hoping to spread the word about Hexcell Games this year – at last year’s GenCon Oz Hexcell Games did not exist. It also looks like there will be no use for the online con scheduler I had been working on.

Finally I have spent a couple of days on a secret project… I’d tell you about it, but its secret for now.