New Interface

The new interface went live this week after hospital visits delayed its launch last week. I am really happy with the new interface, definitely a huge improvement over the previous versions. The change also saw the retirement of those previous versions – the game is back to running on one code base.

I would like to hear what you all think of the new interface. I know some of you have been using it already. Feedback is always appreciated.


Finally this weekend I got back onto working on campaigns.

Currently I am working on pilot plane selection and campaign game set up. This is a complete rewrite of the game set up as pilots come to the game with their plane already selected – they just have to choose a starting position for the game.

Once I have reworked the set up I am hoping to use the current code for actually playing the game with some minor alterations.

New Users

I am looking for more users for the site.

Just after I announced I was starting work on campaigns I saw a sudden drop off in visits to the site. I am still not sure what I did. Maybe I should not have talked about my ideas for campaigns until it was all ready for release. But that has not been my practice up until now and I have no plans to change. It helps me to write about what I am doing and plan to do – it keeps me driven to fulfil my promises.

So I am looking for more users. I plan to drop a line to those who have been players in the past and have become inactive. I want to improve the registration process for new users (you may have noticed the button porn on the home page). I want to improve the support pages – game rules and instructions – to make the site friendlier for new users. I have been toying with a Facbook app that will allow players to manage their games and get notices there (this is on the furtherest back-burner while I work on campaigns).

If you have any ideas how I can promote the site please let me know in the comments here. If you have a site where you could put a link or a banner it would be greatly appreciated, as would posting the site to networking sites. Or you could just try setting up games with your friends. Every little bit counts.


Meanwhile this week the 300th game of Blue Max was served up. Disperso shot me down.