As I build more of the Hexcell site out around Blue Max I am on the look out for artwork to make the whole thing attractive. In particular I am looking for pieces showing WW1 fighters in action. It turns out aviation art is a small and technical niche – not something that is liable to turn up in clip-art or stock image collections.

I have found several artists whose work really stands out. The usual practice in the field however is to sell originals and prints. I want to license the images for use on the web.

One artist who has responded to my inquiries has been Russell Smith. He has offered to license his images for a very reasonable fee. Unfortunately my current operating budget for this project is $0.

I think Russell’s work is fantastic. The piece I would like to use is Wolff’s Requiem, a painting which Russell details the creation of at his website. After seeing the work required to create something that is both artistic and historically plausible I think the fee he is asking is more than reasonable.

While I not using his work in the Hexcell site yet, I thought I would share with you an appropriately attributed sample. Enjoy.

Wolff's Requiem

Wolff's Requiem

(Click the image for more details on this painting, including how to purchase it from the artist.)

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