Detail of the new invite system

Detail of the new invite system showing the selection of a month of the war and the planes that will be available.

You can now see the last five posts from this blog on the homepage of the site. I am hoping that this brings a bit more traffic to the blog, which I use as my primary communication with you the user. This is where I talk about what I have done and what I am planning to do. It is also the place you can leave feedback, ideas, praise and criticism.

I have finally got a complete, if not well written, version of the Blue Max rules up.

The new invitation system went up on Saturday. Now players have the freedom to choose the planes they want, not what has been dictated by the scenario. This should be the last major change in the Blue Max game in the short term. I will now be taking some time to go through the code, fixing up various loose ends and generally optimising.

As with previous developments the new invite system has illuminated various other elements of the interface that need improvement. Now it is so easy to set up a game where players have more than one plane each, it is obvious that there needs to be a way of quickly determining which of your planes have their maneuvers locked in.

The new system also makes it obvious that the biggest short coming of the plane selection process is the distinct lack of available planes. Worry not. The next plane, the Bristol F.2B, is nearly ready to leave the hanger. I am working through the planes in the order they entered operation, so the next planes after the Bristol will be the S.E.5a and the Albatros D.Va.

The Bristol F.2B has an armed observer. I am hoping that implementing shooting by observers will not be too hard. The planes with observers will add some interesting permutations for game set ups.