This weekend Australia held the World’s most boring election. And it is still not over days later. Time to escape to the Skies above 1917 France I think.

Blue Max is back at the head of the development queue. I have got a first draft of the code that deals with pilots at the end of a game and also that creates the next games in the campaign if needed. It all needs to be tested of course, which is something of a hassle on a single laptop. I have to login as two different users at the same time, then log out and log in as two other users to test each round of a four pilot campaign.

Next will be to code the effects of various pilot abilities. This will involve going through the current code to find and test for the effects of abilities at all the places they affect the game. The three areas skills touch are maneuver selection, possible tailing targets and of course the whole shooting thing. On top of using pilot skills there is also assigning skills to pilots.

Its getting closer.