Blue Max is no longer available on Hexcell Games

When I started Hexcell Games I contacted Phil Hall, the designer of Blue Max, to get his permission to use the game.

Phil first gave me permission but then reconsidered. Unfortunately I only recieved the "permission" email and not the "desist" email and proceeded on that basis. Unfortunate both because of the amount of time I sank into this project and because I now look like a complete jerk for continuing on without Phil's blessing.

Phil was advised that in order to protect the intellectual property of his game, and hopefully secure a deal to have it published in the future, he needs to control copies of it appearing on the Internet. I totally respect this, and have removed Blue Max from the Hexcell Games site.

I apologise to players that I can no longer offer the game to you.

For those interested I have put up a post on the development Blog explaining how this all happened.